Wedding Nail Art Inspiration

So, your big day is approaching, you have everything sorted and organised, you take a glance at that beautiful engagement ring as you envisage your perfect day and notice your neglected nails. Do not fear, luckily in Cornwall there is an array of excellent, professional nail services. Salon based and mobile with a variety of pricing, options and appointment times. 

Gone are the days of the traditional french manicure, brides are searching for that something special and a bit different to make their wedding more personal and quirky. We have put together some images from local salons to tickle your talon tastebuds and get those creative ideas flowing for when you book that all important pre wedding appointment. 

EVE Wedding Design's top tips for pre wedding nails:

  • Make sure you book in advance, as you would hate for all your preferred salons to be too busy to fit you in.
  • Don't go too crazy with your nail art, stick to something you are not going to get bored of.
  • Make sure the style and colour of your nails matches the dress and theme of the wedding.
  • As a bridesmaids gift, why not book all your maids into the salon to get matching nails for their outfit.
  • Do not get stiletto style pointy nails if your dress is vintage delicate lace, we don't want any accidental rips on the morning of the big day.
  • Do your research before booking a nail technician. Check they are qualified, look at their website and previous work. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. 
  • If you still fancy the traditional manicure why not mix it up a bit with V shape or diagonal white tip. Add some crystals for some sparkle.
  • If you are indecisive person, try out a few colours on the weeks leading up to the big day to help you decide.
  • Have your nails done no longer than a week before the wedding and preferably use a longer lasting product like, gel, shellac, acrylic as apposed to just a standard varnish manicure.

Here are some of our favourite nail wedding designs from our lovely friends in salons across Cornwall:

wedding nails
wedding nail art
funky wedding nails
alternative wedding nails
sparkling wedding nails